Monday, March 12, 2007

Sacramento's streetcars on Capital Public Radio

Today on Capital Public Radio (KXJZ/KXPR) there will be a program about Sacramento's streetcars, the 20th anniversary of Light Rail, and upcoming plans for a streetcar line between Sacramento and West Sacramento. Guests will include West Sacramento mayor Chris Cabaldon, Mike Wiley from Sacramento Regional Transit, Jason DeJong from UC Davis, and some guy who wrote the Arcadia "Sacramento's Streetcars" book. Tune in at 2:00-3:00 PM, on 88.9 or 90.9 FM, or listen online:


Anonymous said...

i just missed the show, but congrats on your radio appearance. How did it go? What were some highlights?

wburg said...

It went pretty well, although it was a short segment. I'm still learning how to talk to the media (radio and TV) who tend to want you to sum things up in ten words or less, while I tend to want to go into detail. Mayor Cabaldon had some good things to say about the plans for a streetcar line in West Sacramento, and Mike Wiley gave a positive assessment of how well Light Rail has achieved its objectives.

The program is archived on the website, so one can still listen in:

Anonymous said...

I think you sounded great on the radio and it was a very interesting topic. It's funny how you mention that radio and tv usually want you to sum it up in 10 words or less. that's certainly true for commercial media, but the greater depth allowed on public radio is refreshing. If KFBK had done the story, you wouldn't have been invited, it would have been only Cabaldon and Wiley and each of them would have only 1 quick sound bite.