Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Urban Pioneers

At the dawn of the 21st Century, marketing forces appeared in Sacramento that wanted to draw Bay Arean dot-com failures to Sacramento. The Sacramento Regional Marketing Campaign came up with a pair of mutated action figures, "Take-No-Prisoners Randy" and "Take Command Pam," to represent the target market of plastic-formed trendoids that they wanted to draw to Sacramento.

Shortly after that, a bold little newspaper called Sacramento Comment posted a parody of that campaign. The Comment was the product of Scott Soriano, local smart guy and troublemaker, and this is his product:

The Uber Pioneers are here, and they're out to remake the city in their own image: basically, the suburbs plus tall buildings.


Central City said...

"You can buy a perfectly nice home in Sacramento for $150,000 to $175,000."

She continues on a tour through the school systems--some of the best districts in the state, open space, and ends with a proud low-traffic note."

Ahh the good old days !

Nice find Wburg , really enjoyed that gem . Its funny to think about . Sac was a like the kid in high school that would do anything to fit in .

Just like in high school - your rep comes to you , you dont come to your rep .

Its good to see Sac doing real marketing finally - Opening and nurturing quality places & destinations for people to form their own opinions about .

td said...

jebus crimbo... no wonder everyone here is so damn cynical. that's just awful.

wburg said...

central city: Certain portions of the Sacramento business community were, and are, like that. Sacramento as a whole, however, is not. Nonsense like this gains credence when it is an assumed article of faith that Sacramento cannot help but be a Boring Hick Town without an influx of Bay Area underachievers. As more people realize just how much potential Sacramento actually has, marketing plugs like this will become unnecessary and the sort of person this campaign wanted to attract will want to come here naturally.