Friday, August 15, 2008

National Register Properties at SOCA Website

An online listing and narrative of Sacramento's National Register historic properties is available via the Sacramento Old City Association's website:

An interactive map, photos and brief narratives for each gives a comprehensive look at structures in Sacramento that are currently listed with the National Register.


Tracy D. said...

Hmmm wonder where I've seen something like that already on the web. Ha ha. Okay I'll be a good sport and say it's more comprehensive than mine...


Jeff M. said...

hey william,

this is jeff from the brambles. Do you have time to meet me to talk about the norcal noisefest? I'm going to write up the fest for either the sound advice section of sn&r or do a longer feature. But I'm also personally interested in sacto's noise/experimental music scene, and my internet research is just not answering all my questions.

So email me at if you're interested in chatting, and we'll set a date. thanks.