Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sacramento Then and Now: INSIGHT Interview

Here's the link to the interview I did on KXJZ yesterday:

Insight on KXJZ

It went nicely, this is the third time I have been interviewed by Jeffrey Callison so I know a bit of the routine. The only question that threw me was when he asked me what my favorite picture was: I just turned to a random page and talked about that.

My favorite picture was actually the photo of Sacramento Executive Airport. When I went out to the airport terminal I realized that the photo I was trying to reproduce was not shot from the ground, but in fact from the roof of a nearby hangar. The view from the ground was pretty much just a shot of their loading dock, so I went over to the offices of SacJet and, much to my surprise, managed to talk my way onto the roof of their hangar. They were very friendly and even drove me out to the hangar in one of their little golf carts. I got a nice, slightly death-defying view of the hanger and got the shot. So, at least in terms of my favorite modern photo, that was the answer I should have given yesterday.

What's my favorite historic photo from the book? I'll give that some thought and hopefully I'll be able to narrow one down by the time the book signing rolls around.


Shawn said...

congratulations on continued success.

Why can't callison say hotel?

I thought you were too polite/should have gave longer answers.

So which is your fav historical photo?

wburg said...

Most people associate hotels with overnight stays--SROs rent strictly month-to-month. Not sure why he didn't say "hotel."

Being polite and giving brief, concise answers is part of the secret to being invited back for more interviews. Radio hosts become very good at making subtle "wrap it up" gestures, and it is wise to follow their cues lest they interrupt you in mid-sentence or motion to the engineer to cut your mic.

I still couldn't pick a favorite historic photo. Narrowing down 4 million photos to 80 was enough of a winnowing process for me...