Friday, February 6, 2009

Something I'd like to save

I was out by North B Street yesterday and snapped some photos of one of my favorite things, the little 25-ton General Electric locomotive in the "Simsmetal" junkyard lot. It appears that they have taken up the tracks around it (it may still be sitting on a last bit of track, or just in the dirt) and it's just sitting there. I went up the old spur to the mainline and got some shots of the other side, and noticed a big dent in the cab, maybe why they stopped using it.

I'm very fond of small locomotives, and this one is pretty much my favorite--so much so that I built a model of it, and occasionally run it on my layout:

I kind of want to figure out a way to save it. The California State Railroad Museum has been carrying out an active program of de-accessioning (fancy word for "getting rid of stuff") equipment not vital to their mission, partially to reduce their curatorial overhead and partially because they have to pull everything they own out of the Shops area to make way for environmental cleanup and the Railyards project stuff. Most small museums don't have much cash for accession outside of private donations, hard to get these days.

If they're willing to sell it for scrap value, the locomotive would probably cost about $7500, plus the cost of transporting it to wherever it would go, probably at least $5000.

Hm. I wonder if it would fit in my backyard. It would make one hell of a conversation piece, anyhow.


Jeff M. said...

I've been having a nostalgia flashback ever since I came across a website about Tim LeBrae's Night Comfort Theater earlier today, and your post reminded me of something.

Do you remember the huge model train display in the smogasbord (hofbrau?) located in Roseville Square? I'm talking circa 1982. I think it was supposed to be of trains coming over the sierra nevadas.

wburg said...

I probably haven't thought of it in about as long, but yes, I remember that. I was a model railroader as a teen and that sort of thing definitely caught my attention back then, as it does now. I remember it being all-you-can-eat but can't remember if it was Chinese or hof brau or just a generic all-you-can-stuff Frito pie and Jello with mini marshmallows kind of place.

And wasn't it "Tom LaBrie"? I think there are some Tom LaBrie spots on YouTube...

indeed there are!