Monday, October 12, 2009

You are entitled to my opinions

Part of the fun of Sacramento Press is the opportunity to render an opinion in a loud and public fashion. In the 1920s, people with ideas and not much money would stand on a soapbox in Plaza Park. Today, we post on the World Wide Web, ready to meet the virtual rotten tomatoes of the web-surfing public.

10 Steps to Fix K Street

Incomplete steps, but steps, I think, in the right direction. There are other ideas out there, and hopefully we will hear more of them.

Today there will be a meeting between K Street property owners and Mayor Johnson. This meeting is private. Next week, he will hold another meeting on the same subject, this time open to the public.

I am curious as to which meeting will be more interesting, and at which meeting (if either) the mayor will do more listening than talking.

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Gretchen said...

Fantastic 10 Steps article! I like the way you think and hope these ideas take root.